Crazy Japanese Kitty Cafes

The birthrate of Japan is one of the lowest in the world.

As a direct result, anything resembling a baby... such as kittens, sends the Japanese into a biological frenzy of cute-worship.  “Kawaiiiiiii!!!”

“I could just eat you up!”

The Japanese are obsessed with their cats.

To keep up with the demand for all things adorable, a cottage industry of Kitty Cafes has taken the archipelago by storm.

They are called “Neko Café”  or Kitty Cafés.

So, let’s all take a trip to a Neko Café and get a Cat-puccino together! (sorry)

Oh, here we are! Now this looks absolutely purrfect, doesn’t it?!

Uh oh, security!

Act cool and he’ll let us in. “Yes officer, we’ve had our shots.” Phew, that was close. Let’s make a feline for the entrance!

Hello, crazy cat-lady owner lady…sorry to interrupt your business…

We’d like a table for two, please. Um, do you have anything near the litter-box?

Time to order! Let’s take a look at the meow…ahem…menu!

Everything looks so delicious, I can’t decide. I guess I take the French toast to start, cats being from France n’ all.

Uh oh! Looks like the kitty chef got his paws on this first. Shouldn’t he at least be housebroken though? No matter, we can just scrape it off.

This Catnip & Green Tea Latte looks delicious! Let’s give the kitty some! Kitties love milk!

Oh No! Does Green Tea have caffeine in it!?  Mittens is freaking out!

What’s this here?

Did you order the cat curry & rice?! There’s no way we can eat all this! We’ll have hairballs for weeks. Well, no matter, let’s dig in!

Psst. Don’t look now, but I think those girls are looking at us…

Nope, they’re just looking at that bowl of soup in the middle of the room.

Oh well. Guess that means it’s time to go. Let’s check my Neko Café Magazine for where we should go next…

Aww, don’t be sad little cat with a wig –you’ve-been-forced-to-wear! Someday it’ll all be over. Someday you’ll end up in a curry too. 

Sayonara! Goodbye, Hello Kitty!

Would you take your cat to a Kitty Cafe if we had them in America?


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