Dad Rocks Daisy Duke Shorts to Teach Daughter a Lesson

There are some inalienable rights we Americans treasure. The freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to pursue happiness are all well and good, but there is one freedom that stands above them all — the freedom to wear whatever the hell we choose. And that freedom extends to Daisy Duke shorts.

dad daisy dukes revolutionary war
Is that not what our forefathers fought for in the Revolutionary War?

And while Utah dad Scott Mackintosh understands that, he wanted to make his daughter, Miley, think about her clothing choices. When he overheard his wife arguing with Miley about the length of her shorts, Mackintosh decided to take a scissors to an old pair of jeans and make some Daisy Dukes of his own. Take a look at this comparison between Mackintosh and Daisy Duke herself.

dad daisy dukes dad and daisy duke
Pretty much equally sexy.

This is an awesome way for Mackintosh to impart a lesson on his daughter without outright banning her from wearing such short shorts. The only misstep in Mackintosh's approach, I'd say, is the "Best. Dad. Ever." shirt. Sure, it's great to see a dad so willing to embarass himself to help his daughter, but to declare that while he's doing it? A little much. As the age old saying goes, a rich man doesn't need to tell you he's rich. It's inherently uncharismatic when someone talks about their good deeds instead of letting the deeds speak for themselves.

dad daisy dukes annonymous wing
"I'm not saying I'm the "anonymous" donator, but whoever is, pretty much the greatest guy ever, am I right?"

But all in all, this is an example of a parent not telling their child that something is wrong, but showing them. And we've all taken 10th grade English, so we know that showing is always better than telling. That said, this kind of parenting probably shouldn't be implemented in every situation.

dad daisy dukes talk
"Honey, I'm going out to meet a stranger from CraigsList for coffee, and when I get murdered, I think you'll learn a very valuable lesson."

Would your dad ever be caught dead wearing shorts like this? Let me know on Twitter — @mikeyfromsu — or in the comments below!

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