Dad SHOOTS Daughter's Laptop Because Of Facebook Post

What do you do when your teen daughter thinks it's perfectly acceptable to badmouth you on Facebook?  Well if you're Tommy Jordan, you pwn your child in a YouTube video where you not only expose her stupidity but you shoot her laptop. Dead. I thought it was bad when my mom made return the Snickers bar I stole from CVS. But this is like a million times worse. Like 1, 468,000 views and counting worse. 

So what did his daughter say exactly? She basically  complained about having to do chores, saying she should be paid for them and kind of went off on her parents for making her life complete misery. Knowing that they probably wouldn't appreciate such sentiments, she then cleverly hid the post from her parents prying eyes. Too bad her dad owns an IT company and is pretty tech-savvy. He can't be stopped by no stupid privacy settings! Parent's so amusing when it's not happening to you.


The video shows Jordan making his case and reading the offending post before he takes out a .45 and executes the laptop in cold blood.  In the video description he describes his actions as giving his daughter a dose of tough love. And most of the YouTube comments are giving Jordan a hearty 'Yeehaw!'

But not everyone is cheering Jordan's actions. Some are accusing him of having his own anger issues. I don't know...he looks pretty friggin' calm to me in the video. As much as it must suck for Hannah, I don't think it's a completely unjust punishment.  I mean as far as examples of bad parenting go, there are way worse examples. Just go to your local Wal-mart.


Personally, I think it's good that parents are starting to take control of their kids again. Cause some kids are out of control, yo! Like I said before, just go to your local Wal-Mart. Better to teach them respect and that there are consequences for their actions, before they hit the real world and get their asses kicked all over the place.  Or before you get a vaguely threatening Valentine from them.  *shiver*


Here's a look at the video:

What do you think of this dad? Did he do the right thing? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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