Don't Mess With The Prez

General Stanley McChrystal is in deep s*&t.
He is the dude in charge of Afghanistan and he's been dissing Obama in the press. He mocked the Prez in Rolling Stone magazine. He said that Obama seemed intimidated by military officials and referred to Vice President Biden as Vice President Bite Me.

Needless to say, Obama is PISSED.
Now, can I ask an obvious question? Why is a General in Rolling Stone?
This is like if your boss tells you to do something and you go behind his back and say he sucks.

Oh, I guess most of us do that anyway.
Okay, so you do it, and not just to your friends but you tell everyone who will listen that the President is weak and that the Vice President is an idiot.
Did McChrystal think obama wouldn't read the Rolling Stone? Maybe he didn't, but he has people that do it for him.  Obama is everywhere!
So needless to say, McChrystal was called to D.C. today for a little sit-down with Obama. In a 30 minute private meeting the Prez chewed the general a new A-hole... and then some.

And what did Obama do in this meeting? He fired the general's sorry ass… OUT OF A CANNON!

Don't mess with the Prez!


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