England Gets Their Own Jersey Shore Spinoff!

For years the UK has given us amazing shows like Skins, The Office, and Three's Company...

Which we have adapted and made our own, and finally America gives something back!

That's right! America is giving the UK... Jersey Shore... MTV UK is doing their own spin off called Geordie Shore!

The Jersey Shore is like crabs... it's spreading uncontrollably! First Canada did their own version called 'Lake Shore' and now the UK is giving it a go.


Won't you take a moment and meet a few of the cast members!

Don't worry Jay, most of our worst nightmares is that we might end up in a relationship with someone like you so you're safe.


Wow! What an amazing trick! She's clearly the talented one of the bunch!


Nothing like bringing a slutty girl home to meet your creep ol' dad!


I know lots of girls who dabble in lap dancing... in America we call them STRIPPERS!


These are but a few of the amazing cast members... there's also Gary who's been going around telling people that his wiener is the size of a television remote control. But you'll have to CLICK HERE to meet the rest of the cast!

Check out this trailer for the Geordie Shore!

Sorry about that, I know... I know it's too early to show you something this gross but if I have to look at this stuff... so do you.

What do you think about the Geordie Shore? I kinda like it, it will make English accents sound less smart and snootie... Did anyone else go get their remote control to see what Gary is talking about, size wise? I'll admit it... I did.

And I still wasn't remotely interested!

What are your thoughts? Let's talk about it in the comments below.

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