Facebook App Lets You Post After You Die???

There are a lot of things I want to do after I die, like hang out with the Three Stooges and haunt a roller coaster. But one thing I really really want to do is make sure everyone I care about here on earth knows how much I care about them. Now there's a venue to do that. With an app called If I Die, you can record a video message that will post to your Facebook after you die. And in it you can say anything. This is a great way to air out all your sins while ensuring you'll never have to deal with the consequences!

It feels good to finally talk about the things I do to homeless people when no one else is around.

It works by having you record a video that you upload to the service, and then you have three friends who must independently confirm to the app that you've died, which will release the video to your profile. Obviously the pranking potential here is huge, as those three friends could conspire to get your potentially embarrassing video out into the world while you're alive. So make sure you choose friends that you really, really trust.

James, Lilly, you guys have to pick again.

If you're going to make an app about death, hitting the right tone is important, and in that respect I think If I Die does a great job. They're lightly elbowing you in the ribs about death, making it seem like a bit of a lark. There is a very cute illustration of the Grim reaper bopping around the site that is incredibly huggable. Their twitter, too, has a jovial tone to it, responding to people who tweet about near-death experiences and using a lot of winky emoticons.

"Leave your message today in case a bus you didn't notice when you were crossing the street turns you into a meat mist! ;) :)"

I would love for everyone to use this app, because it is hard guessing whether my Facebook friends are dead or just haven't posted anything in a while. Since so many of them are excited for The Dark Knight Rises, I'm not going to know for sure until after it comes out. If their About Me section reads along the lines of "I loved it in Dark Knight Rises when Bane was all there and all 'Gotham is dead and you're dead' and then BOOM explosion!" I know they're safe. If it's still something like "can't wait for Dark Knight Rises! this summer OMG Bane!" I will begin my period of mourning for those poor, poor souls. Nothing could be worse than dying before seeing The Dark Knight Rises.

If I die before this movie comes out I'm going to be so mad at whoever murdered me.

Are you going to use this Facebook app when you're a dead guy? Let us know in the comments! Before it's too late.

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