Fictional Characters I'd Like To See On The Voice

These reality singing competition shows need to die. All they do is promote soulless attempts to get famous rather than reason people should get into music: because they care about music. Not to mention everyone who gets on the show is as blah as anyone from American Idol. The last thing I'm interested in seeing is another sad girl from Carolina singing a Madonna song so she can get money to cure her mother's cerebral rickets. Instead of that I'd rather see this:


The Landlady From Kung Fu Hustle


Her voice isn't beautiful, but at least it would utterly destroy all the judges.


The Chipettes


I really don't care how they sing, I'm just very, very attracted to the Chippettes.


Any Decepticon


Let's just see Christina Aguilera dare to tell Starscream that he "didn't move on."


Rick Santorum


He looks like he has a pretty voice. And he's technically fictional because he's clearly a robot built by Fred Phelps to destroy the human race. Also, it would be fun to watch him nervously eyeing Cee-Lo because he's worried Cee-Lo is going to steal his wallet.


Robocop, When He's Been Set On "You Have The Right To Remain Silent"


That'd permanently take care of about 20-60 fame starved midwesterners.




I know only a few of his toes would even fit on the Voice stage, but he's got such a beautiful, resonant singing voice, powerful by having eaten hundreds of planets full of billions of terrified, screaming souls.


The Human Centipede


That many people stapled and sewn together have got to be able to harmonize.


Who else should be on The Voice? Let us know in the comments!


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