Glee Star Attacked By Crazy Fan!

One of the Glee dudes was pulled off stage by an insane fan during a live show Thursday night in DC.

I mean look at this chick, she looks like a friggin' linebacker!

This chick went nuts when 24-year-old Glee "heartthrob" Darren Criss leaned off the stage and reached his hand out to shake hers. The foppish dandy actor was no match for such a corpulent and zealous fan.


Darren vented his frustrations on Twitter as the young stars do now-a-days.

Darren was yanked into the audience pit below. He almost hit his head on the metal gate separating the audience from the stage... the gate that was meant to protect him from incidents like this. This guy could have been seriously injured.

What the hell is this guy doing reaching off the stage to shake hands with fans? Doesn't he know that could be dangerous?


I guess he does now.

What do you think of this? I mean is it nice for celebs to reach off stage and touch fans? Or is it just dangerous? Or do you just hate Glee? Or are you a fan? Would you pull Darren Criss off a stage? What other celebs would you like to see yanked off stage?

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