Gossip Girl Lights Dog's Balls On Fire

Taylor Momsen is obsessed with fire. The actress turned self-proclaimed hardcore rock chick from Gossip Girl, apparently is so obsessed with lighting things on fire that she lit her freaking dog's neutered testicles on fire!


The Huffington Post reports "Racoon-eyed "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen, who also fronts the post-grunge band "The Pretty Reckless," set her dog's neutered balls ablaze in a fire pit in her band's studio. Think about that for a second."


MTV.co.uk goes on to say, "Guitarist Ben Phillips has revealed that sometimes the Gossip Girl actress goes 'too far' with her fire obsession claiming, "Taylor loves setting things on fire, so this is great. Taylor thinks we're some rock 'n' roll bada*ses."


He added: "I shouldn't say this. One morning, Taylor got into the studio really early - she'd just had her dog neutered and brought in the bits. Which she then burned. We were grossed out."


At least the balls were already off the dog when she threw them in the fire pit. Give the girl some credit. She's only 17 right?  "Despite being a bit of a fire-starter, Momsen has insisted that she is just a typical teenager and is not a bad person."


MTV.co.uk also said, "The 17-year old told Heat Magazine: "I do smile when things are funny. I'm quite moody, I'm a teenager and I'm PMS-ing all the f***ing time, what do you expect?"


See? The dog is obviously fine.  It looks happy right?  (*Unclear if this is the actual dog whose actual balls were removed and then set on fire by Momsen.) 


Like Taylor said, teenagers are moody and should not be expected to be otherwise. I mean, lighting chopped testicles from your dog on fire is totally normal, and also hilarious. Oh teenagers, you're so wacky.


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