Grandma's New Christmas Shirt

Every since my mother started collecting grandchildren (she has 11 now), she has managed to get everyone to call her grandma. Even her own children call her that.

And as a good grandmother she does all of the usual grandmotherly things like spoil her grand kids, knit little kid booties and beanies and then give her grandchildren lots of candy and cool hats.

My mom is 71, retired and spends her free time hand painting little wooden toys to give to the kids at the homeless shelter. No kidding, she does this! I know you hear about people who do this kind of stuff, but she is the real deal. She does this EVERY week and the kids love the toys and she feels fulfilled.

Christmas time is her favorite time of the year, as the whole family gets together a few times throughout the season. Old hatreds and rivalries that once simmered and flared up throughout the years, are set to a low boil, but she doesn't care as long as she gets to see her grand kids, and show off her new winter duds (Winter in Phoenix is short, so you might get 6 weeks out of a good sweatshirt, max).

All of the kids get santa hats.

And grandma always has some Frosty the Snowman-bedazzled coat, or a snow-flake festooned sweater that may or may not light up. I have always enjoy seeing her Christmas garb and just expected too see more of it as the year draws to a close. That's until this Thanksgiving.

Grandma was taking off her Christmas coat and I told her how nice her Christmas sweater was... But then suddenly I could have sworn that I saw Cartmans fat face rising above the buttons on her sweater.

And boy was I right. I asked grandma if I could check out the shirt she had on under the sweater. Grandma lifted up her sweater and revealed her brand new holiday shirt.

She said that she thought the children were just so cute and happy, and that it was great that the designer actually included handicapped kids.

Mind you, my mother has no idea what South Park is. It was just a cute holiday shirt that she found at the store.

I made sure that everyone in the family woud NEVER tell her the real meaning of the shirt.

Gotta love the grandma!


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