Guinness World Record Set for Most HOMER SIMPSON Tattoos?

For motorcycle riders, tattoos show their commitment to the culture, along with setting them apart from the accountants and public defenders of the world. The true biker knows that if their arms are covered in skulls and grim reapers and bald eagles and spades and cursive words and the birth and death dates of their victims, those who are not apart of their culture will recognize them as an other.

But Lee Weir's tattoos do not do that. He's covered himself in the most mass market-acceptable cartoon character of all time — Homer Simpson. I can't imagine they're going to help him with his biker gang initiation.

simpsons record big sleeve
It also didn't help that he offered to sew the sleeves back on all the bikers' jean jackets so they'd look less "ratty".

The 27 year old New Zealander had the sleeve put on over the course of 25 hours and earned himself recognition from Guinness for a world record I didn't even know existed — more Simpson tattoos than any living person.

The record was previously held by this weird guy who was in a bunch of my freshman econ classes even though he was like 35, with one.

Weir seems like a nice, well-put together guy. He knows the sleeve is a little bananas, and thus is able to take the host's jokes about his mental health in stride. If you're going to have an outrageous number of tattoos about a specific cartoon character, that's probably the right way to look at it. Plus, he paid for the tattoos by cutting out drinking form his life — Weir is, all-around, a good dude.

But that don't mean I ain't comin' for him. If I had known there was a Guinness World Record to be set for most Homer Simpson tattoos, I would have gotten the world record amount of Homer Simpson tattoos. I just want so desperately to be recognized as the best in the world at something — ANYTHING. 41 Homer Simpson tattoos? Great, I'ma go get 42 real quick. And I'm not going to stop there. I'm coming after ALL the world records — I'll shoot milk out of my eye 9 feet, three inches. I'll write the best video game ending. I'll catch more quarters off my elbow than Fonzie could have ever dreamed. I want ALL the world records! All of them!

simpsons record twins
I will eat BOTH those fat motorcycle twins myself if I have to, I swear to god.


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