Hero Kid Uses Nintendo DS To Save Family

You've heard of toys that can kill you, but here's one that will save, not only YOUR life, but your entire family's life.

The Nintendo DS!

An Australian family was driving down an old country road when a kangaroo jumped in front of their car, which I guess happens all the time over there. Crikey!

Hoppity, Hoppity, AAAAAAAHHHH!

Dad swerved and the car flipped over several times and went into a ditch. It was the darkest black of night, and strapped into their seat belts, nobody could move or release themselves from the car. Nobody could see anything. They were trapped.

While dad struggled to free himself and get to 6 month old baby Joseph strapped in his car seat... 7 year old Christopher Miszkowiec jumped into action. He turned on his Nintendo DS, and used the light to free his 5 year old brother Dilon, and his mother Christine (who had fallen unconscious in the crash.)

Mom remembers, "He said, 'we're all fine, it's alright Mum, I'm gonna get you out, I'm gonna get you out' and when he got me out it was such a relief, it was just amazing. I still can't believe what he did, he's just a hero."

Christopher and his Nintendo were publically recognized for their bravery by local officials in a ceremony.

His mother went on to say... "Yeah it used to annoy me because every morning he'd wake up and wake me up at seven o'clock in the morning, and go 'Mum, can we play the DS? Can we play the DS'?" but now she says he can play the Nintendo DS any time he wants!

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