How To Tell If You're On A Date

One-on-one outings with an attractive person can be confusing. If it wasn’t explicitly labeled as a “date,” an invitation to a dinner/movie/hike (hike?) might mean anything from “he thinks you’re marriage material” to “he sees you as a networking opportunity” to “he has no other friends.” So how do you mentally prepare, knowing there’s a possibility he’s just genuinely interested in seeing the new Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation? Here are some tips to help you figure out if it’s a date.


He Tells You To Order Whatever You Want

date tell order dinner


The entrée selection process is the most stressful component of any ambiguous dinner. If he asked you out and picked the restaurant… is he planning on paying? You wouldn’t have picked such a pricey, bloated place. If he tells you to order whatever you want, he’s not only planning on paying, he’s going to be HAPPY about it. And if he truly doesn’t mind paying for your meal, he’s probably hoping to get some.


The Waiter Feels Awkward

date tell waiter awk


If the waiter holds back from approaching the table, you and your meal-mate are either a) over-staring at the menu or b) talking nonstop, and the waiter isn’t able to get a word in. Silence avoidance – the age-old date symptom.


When You Touch Her Arm, There Is An Opposing Force

date tell arm around


In the physical realm, there’s always the “does she recoil in repulsion?” factor. If you brush her arm and she doesn’t pull away or play dead, you’re probably gonna make babies. NOTE: Might not apply if you’re one of those “huggy” guys. But if you’re that guy, you’re probably comfortable enough to make a move.


He Starts Asking About Your Siblings

date tell family talk


Unless he wants to bone your brother, he probably doesn’t give a crap about your siblings. If the conversation moves in that direction, it’s probably a date – a friend would be way more interested in asking about how your love life is going. A date would probably hope he knew the answer.


She Does Not Place Her Phone On The Table

date tell iphone date


The phone thing is a major tell. Let’s be honest, everyone wants that screen within eyesight at all times. If she puts her phone in her lap or leaves it in her purse, she’s expecting one of her friends to text and ask how it’s going with you.


You Guys Hook Up Afterward

date tell situation bed


It’s simple math: (paid) duo activity + hook-up = date. Congratulations, you are on your way to describing your relationship as a verb (“we’re dating”). However, I have NO idea if you are boyfriend/girlfriend. You should really try communicating with this person.


How else do you know if it’s a date? Let us know in the comments!


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