It’s Finally Here: The Beer Keg Video Game Machine!

A Virginia company is offering a new product that features something extra special for twenty-year-old and older games.


It’s a standup video game console, that also contains a fully functional, refrigerated beer dispenser.


According to the company’s website this product, aptly named The Gamerator, boasts the following features:


A refrigerated interior capable of holding a pony keg of domestic beer.


A 26-inch flat panel HDTV.


Two conveniently placed cup holders to house your favorite beverages while gaming.


A cabinet custom built to order by professional carpenters.


A Windows XP operating system allowing users to run virtually any Windows or PC application.

We think this is a pretty neat invention. But there’s also no reason why some clever inventor can’t improve on other leisure time products and devices.


How about:


A walker with built-in dual coffee makers for seniors who love their caffeine on the go.


A hammer with a built-in beer can coozie for construction workers who like to enjoy a cold one on the job.


A pinball machine nacho cheese fountain.


Water cooler running shoes.


Vending machine surfboard.

What cool inventions like these would you like to see?


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