Japan: A Ticking Time Bomb!

Smosh-pit blogger Lance  has moved to Japan and warns us of the many dangers of living near so many volcanoes!


Japan sits on the so-called, Ring of Fire, an unfortunate area of tectonic plate convergence surrounding the Pacific Ocean.

This ring is the heating power behind the soothing Japanese hot springs enjoyed by humans and monkeys alike.

Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of a ton of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions every year!

Japan has literally hundreds of active volcanoes, ready to blow their tops at any moment, awakening Godzilla and destroying anything in range of their pyroclastic flow.

CLICK HERE for a list of active volcanoes in Japan.

In fact, in January 2011, Shinmoedake exploded and forced the evacuations of all people living near by.

Above: A woman enjoys the lovely view of Shinmoedake before being vaporized.

Shinmoedake is most famous for being the location of the villain’s layer in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

Above: Sean Connery enjoys a hot spring before yet another eruption.

Sadly, if you live nearby Shinmoedake, you’ll likely only live once, and have that life significantly shortened by lava and ash!

Above: Shinmoedake erupts with friggin’ lighting bolts!

In fact, even Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan is a volcano! Fuji-san’s last eruption was in 1707, which covered the entire Tokyo valley in ash and destroyed 62 homes and 3 Buddhist temples.

This means Mt. Fuji is long overdue for an eruption, and when it goes, it’s going to paralyze the city of Tokyo, covering it in 10cm-50cm of ash, showering it with boulder sized rocks and oozing lava all over surrounding villages.

Above: An artist rendition of Tokyo after a Fuji eruption.

So please, hurry up and visit Japan! Before we’re all vaporized in the inevitable volcano-earthquake-tsunami apocalypse--The Vol-quake-nami!

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