Japanese Company Offers Free, Ad-Supported Underwear!

What is this, the late 90s? A Japanese company, Freepan, has begun to sell advertising space on underwear. At that point, anyone who wants to sign up and give a little personal info can be mailed 7 free pairs of underwear. The ad dollars pay for the underwear and even the shipping, and much like television, the customer gets a product for free. Was that at all complicated?

freepan diagram
Well shut up they made a diagram so here's that.

What I don't get is what the advertisers are hoping to gain by associating with Freepan. They know that people wear underwear under their clothes, right? Like. it's literally called underwear. no one will see thier ad, unless they have X-Ray vision and are using it illicitly.

superman eating hamburgers
You're telling me this is just COINCIDENTALLY happneing on the day I'm wearing McDonald's sponsored underwear?

And because the internet is devoid of images of these underwear, I ordered some myself, just so see what kind of ads there would be on the internet. Here's what I found.

sushi underwear
Okay, a sushi ad. That maeks sense, I suppose.

nintendo underwear
Oh hey! Nintendo! One of Japan's most prolific companies! Awesome!

pepsi underwear
It's a weird ad for a weird product - Salty Melon Pepsi. But whatever Japan.

animes underwear
Live-action anime people? A little weird, and I'm not sure what it's advertising, but it seems like the kind of thing Japan would do.

trump underwear
Okay, this isn't even ADVERTISING.

hand underwear

me underwear
Okay, hold on. Is that... is that.. me?

Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription tout de suite! Who was paying for this advertising, my future kidnappers? I'll happily pay money not to be threatened by having my own face, recoiling in horror, on my boxers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Would you wear ad-supported underwear? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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