Japanese People Don’t Steal!

Smosh-pit blogger Lance blogs to us from his new home... in Japan! Want to learn more about our neighbors to the East? Ask Lance. He would know, he's been living there for 2 years.


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.

Thanks to a rigid social structure, a healthy obsession with all things cute, and a strong super-hero presence, the Japanese live in relative peace & harmony with one another on a daily basis.

What’s for sure is, the Japanese don’t steal! I’m not kidding, like ever, almost *never! So rarely that it boggles the mind.

(*Exceptions: panties, umbrellas, and pop music melodies.)

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to use their wallets or purse to hold their seat at the café while they get up to use the bathroom, or go outside to use their phone. No need to ask someone to watch it for you, that’s a given.

Lose your wallet on the subway in Tokyo? Contact the nearest station, and they’ll direct you to the nearest Lost & Found.

“Sure they’ll return it,” you say, “but the money will be gone, right?” Wrong! It’s all there with a nice note saying who returned it so you can thank them yourself.

But that’s not all! If you order something right now, you can still choose to pay cash on delivery, or C.O.D. (Ask your parents).

Yes, the Japanese trust their customers not to rob the postman blind when he shows up with that brand new flat screen or MacBook Pro.

Now, all this honesty may seem great but there are times when it becomes problematic. See, the people here are so adverse to involving themselves in anything that isn’t their business, that there’s a good chance a forgotten item may occupy it’s own seat on the train for an entire day before someone actually picks it up and takes it to the station attendant.

(Uh, whose dog is this?)

And the same goes for a soda can rolling back and forth across the aisle of the train, over and over and over.

Or a guy who’s passed out. Or is he dead? Who knows?! No one’s gonna check the pulse.

But that’s a small price to be able to live in a place free of fear of being robbed, pick-pocketed, or taken advantage of on a daily basis.

Just watch out for gropers!

Japan is so awesome. I wish we could all live in Japan.

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