Japan's High-Tech Shower Toilets are Incredibly Luxurious!

If there's one thing Japan does right, it's insane technology. Take their toilets for example. Their toilet technology has come a long way since World War 2, when Japan grew embarrassed of the hand-dug holes in the ground they were using. Soon the botton benjo, or squat toilet, was replaced with the powerful, quality thrones we use here in the west.

God bless America.

Since Japan was not content to either metaphorically or literally take our toilet and sit on it, they got their weirdest, most innovative minds into the toilet business Since then, Japan has created a toilet that would make even The Jetsons swoon—the shower toilet. Today nearly 70 percent of Japanese households have these shower toilets installed. What makes them so special? Well, for one, it's controlled by a remote console that has pictures of butts on it.

Did you see the pictures of butts?

There are also a ton of cool features in the shower toilet, such as a seat that takes almost exactly as long to heat up as it takes you to walk from the door to the seat. It can also read your weight and the sugar levels in your urine to provide helpful health tips. And it can even mask your bathroom noises with water jets specifically designed as sound camouflage. The fact that the Japanese haven't heard bathroom noises for over twenty years is the reason Adam Sandler movies do so poorly over there.

Well. One of the reasons.

The most important feature of the shower toilets, however, is its' water jet that makes toilet paper obsolete. Take a look!


And since there are still many squat toilets left in public areas, an app has surfaced to help locate nearby shower toilets. This is important because, apparently, once you use a shower toilet's bidet, it's impossible to go back to toilet paper.

This is barely even a metaphor.

Are you importing a shower toilet right now? If not, what are you thinking? Let us know in the comments below!


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