Japan's Least Useful Robots

Japan is the unquestioned leader in building giant Mechs capable of defeating the hordes of blood thirsty demons from space that are constantly threatening our existence here on Earth. And also, the Hello Kitty toaster. Though they have invented these and countless other limitlessly useful robots, not every robot they invent is quite so impressive... case in point:


A Robot With An iPhone For A Face


This tiny robot's robot super powers seem to be displaying the time and date on his face, making crappy noise while he walks, and falling the f*** over.


Papa Robopuncho


He is a robot whose sole purpose to play a game with flags that he himself does not know how to play, intermittently crying out for help.




He's a robot that just does push ups. His only point is to keep doing pushups forever. Although there seems to be another point to him that the designers didn't anticipate, which is to do pushups while at the same time being as scary as humanly possible.


Robot Chorus Of Pregnant Wives


The only thing more useful than a pregnant robot is dozens of pregnant robots singing in unison, my father always used to say.


Whatever The Hell This Is


And then there's this. If you can figure out whatever the hell the point of this robot is, you are probably this robot. You are definitely not this robot's creator. And I know that because as soon as it's creator brought it to life it immediately what a useless pile of s*** it was and used its broom dong to sweep its creator to death for cursing it with the cruel, painful gift of life.


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