Justin Bieber Destroys YouTube Record?!

Guys! GUYS! Justin Bieber passed 2 billion views on YouTube! YES! This is it! This is what we've worked so hard for!

""Remember, this was a TEAM effort."

While this new is certainly exciting, it's not especially surprising. Justin Bieber had long been the favorite to first cross this milestone. Granted, there were some plucky upstarts we thought might steal it, but ultimately, they were nothing more than paper candidates.

We not so excited.

"What are you, Amish?"


Let's compare the Bieber YouTube plays versus albums sold. Bieber to date has roughly 2.5 billion YouTube plays and has sold about 14.2 million albums. That means that for every 176 YouTube views, Bieber sells an album. This means that my upload of playing a ukulele and singing "Hey Soul Sister" is about 172 views away from netting me my first record sale!

Now available on iTunes?

Tell us what you're doing to celebrate Justin Bieber's final, crushing defeat of YouTube in the comments!


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