Justin Bieber's Favorite Disguises When He Checks Into Hotels

Justin Bieber was able to master singing at such a young an age by intentionally, through sheer force of will, not growing an Adam's apple. Also, His voice is unusually beautiful because he can't grow hair around his lips to dilute the sounds he makes. But few people also know that he is a master of disguise. He has to be in order to escape his many crazed fans who will stop at nothing to get a lock of his hair or a piece of his delicious, savory back meat. Currently, Justin uses the name "Chandler Bing" when checking into places (this is real), but when Bing doesn't work, here are the disguises JB uses when checking into hotels:


1. Slimer

Justin Bieber loves to disguise himself like Slimer because it gives him a chance to float in the air and eat sandwiches.


2. A Plate of Spaghetti

Justin Bieber often decides to turn himself into a giant plate of spaghetti because he's always had a lot of fun putting spaghetti sauce in his wet hair.


3. A Hip Couple Dancing

This is an often used disguise by Bieber because Justin Bieber fans in particular rarely suspect that he is two people dancing.


4. A Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

Justin Bieber spends most of his time hiding inside of chocolate cake, this is just another excuse for him to do so.


5. A Bag of Puppies

Justin Bieber's true form is a bag of puppies. It takes great concentration for him to look human. So really, this is the only one on the list that is not a disguise.


6. An Autographed Picture of Martin Sheen

Nobody wants an autographed picture of Martin Sheen anymore, so it's easy for Justin Bieber to sneak by fans when he looks like this.


7. Sailor Uranus

This costume is useful because even if people suspect that it's Justin he can always kill them with his bedazzled short sword, as Sailor Uranus has diplomatic immunity.


What other disguises does Justin Bieber use to evade fans? Let us know in the comments!


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