Katniss's Favorite Restaurants In Disctrict 12

Katniss Everdeen grew up in the rough and tumble District known as District 12. There she learned the skills she needed to survive the Hunger Games and come home a champion. A District that exists to mine coal for the capitol, full of meager houses and ramshackle trading centers. But what is there to eat? Here are Katniss's top seven favorite restaurants in District 12.


This Pile Of Old Rotted Wood Where Rats Live


An old guy lives in the pile of woods and charges you to eat any rats that he's crushed while rolling over in his sleep.


Stocky Pete's Mine Explosion Stew 


The only place to get pieces of people who were so blown apart by a mine blast there was not enough of them left to bury, guaranteed to be from the most recent five explosions or your money back. 


Prim's Goatmilk Station


Get goatmilk fresh from a broken goat! Don't feel like goat milk? Then Prim will cry, stamp her feet accusingly, and run her hands through her stringy, unwashed hair until you do.



Too bad it's completely surrounded by Tracker Jacker hives, for no amount of rooty nor no amount of tooty nor even fresh n' fruity is worth the kind of death that they bring.


This Stagnant Pool Of Rancid Water


Sometimes there's insects in it. Most of the time it's just rancid water.


McDonald's, But They Only Serve Burning Tires


Why won't they stop burning?!?!


Sadly P. Miserableton's House Of Perfectly Sh*tty Scraps


The selection's pretty foul, but you gotta hand it to Sadly P., those are some seriously sh*tty scraps. He ain't lyin'!


What other restaurants are there in district 12? Let us know in the comments!


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