Lohan Sentenced To Scrub Toilets At The Morgue!

Poor Lindsay. She's the queen of headshots mugshots!

Werk it gurl!

And after a brief stay at the county jail on Friday for breaking the terms of her parole by stealing a necklace, she was released on $75,000 bail. Her felony was marked down to a misdemeanor… she was sentenced to community service and People reports that 120 hours of that service will be served at the county morgue doing janitorial type stuff.

That will include picking up trash, taking out the trash, mopping up dead person juices off the floor, cleaning the windows so that the dead can get some fresh sunlight, and cleaning the toilets so that the people who are taking care of the dead people can do their business.

"She'll be doing basic janitorial work," Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told People. "She won't be handling any dead bodies but she'll certainly see them."

You might remember that Lindsay visited the morgue once before as part of her DUI program following her 2nd drunk-driving conviction. So for Lindsay it’ll be more like coming home to see old friends.

As one blogger points out… this is hardly a punishment. There are a lot of people in our world who do this stuff every day… it’s called “work.” Since when is “having a job” a fitting punishment for a repeat criminal offender? For a lot of people this is how they get by and pay the rent, not a punishment for doing something wrong. A punishment should be worse than forcing someone to have a part-time job for a couple months.

On top of the 120 hours at the morgue Lilo will also have to complete 360 hours of community service at a women’s homeless shelter in the Skid Row area. She’ll have a year to get it all done. I’m sure these women can’t wait to kick it with Lilo!

Last night Lindsay surprised everyone by showing up to do the Tonight show.

She got a standing ovation. People with real jobs, standing on their feet, and applauding a criminal who thinks they are above the law and better than everyone else. This country is majorly screwed up. Here’s a clip from last nights show.

Ugh, how gross is Lindsay? What hypocrite! What a d-bag! You'll be able to see her tonight on The Tonight Show.

I think that her punishment should be that she should have to marry Chris Brown. What do you think would be a fitting punishment for her crimes? Let’s discuss below.

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