Mario Vs. Link: Who Would Win A Game Of Halo?

I don't always think of imaginary people playing video games but when I do I think who would win in a Halo match between Link and Mario. After weighing the strengths and weaknesses of both fiction characters I have broken the game play into 7 categories.

Now keep in mind that I was playing the very first Mario and Zelda games that came out 20 years ago and this comparison is based on that.


1. Mobility

I have to give this one to Mario as he is much larger, has longer legs and can cover more ground faster. Link is just too tiny.


2. Adaptability

This category goes to Link. He is always crafting something or collecting parts to a new weapon. It seems that half of his time is spent thinking outside of the box whereas Mario just kind of runs around and throws or dodges things.


3. Technology

Again, this category goes to Link. He seems to be adept at using the latest magic spells or potions. Mario just hoses things down or throws a turtle shell, very caveman.


4. Weaponology

I thought about this for a long time and have to give this category to Mario. Think about it, even if he doesn't search for, or invent the weapons his non-tiny hand can at least reach the trigger. If you and I are 500 meters apart and about to duel, I would like the 50 caliber sniper rifle as opposed to a tiny bow and arrow.


5. Tactics

I have to give this one to Link. His lilliputian size will benefit him here. You try blasting a target the size of a Barbie doll from 20 yards, its not easy!


6. Training

Again, this category goes to Link. He is a trained warrior facing off with a trained janitor. Come on!


7. Force Multipliers

This goes to Mario. He is just a giant when compared to Link. Link can do amazing things with his Master Sword and light arrows but in the end he is just too small.

In the end Mario is just too large, and even though he is just a janitor he must be in great shape from the constant running and diving into pipes.

What do you think? Do you agree? Who would win the Halo battle? Mario or Link?


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