MILLIONS Of People Delete Their MySpace Accounts!

I was reading online that MySpace has lost over 10 million users between January and February of this year.

Who knew that there were still 10 million people even using MySpace... but there are! Surprisingly, MySpace actually had about 110 million people using the site in February of last year and since then, the site has lost more than 50 million of those users. The figures are staggering to me... I can't believe that there are still millions of people online with MySpace accounts... and then I remembered that I actually still have a MySpace account... which gave me this awesome idea...

I actually deleted my old MySpace account!

Look, a long time ago MySpace was the place to go to talk to your friends and find new music. It's responsible for launching the careers of artists like the Arctic Monkeys, Kate Nash, Lily Allen... and other bands we don't listen to anymore.

But not anymore. I don't even know what MySpace is now. It claims to be an entertainment destination but I find nothing entertaining about their destination. Despite all the bad news and MILLIONS of people leaving the site, the site is still #26 in the US in terms of traffic... It's so bizarre to me!

What hurts most, is their loss of relevance. I don't go to MySpace because it doesn't speak to me anymore, I don't think it speaks to anyone really... and advertisers agree. “Their fall from relevance has been so significant, that advertising on Myspace just doesn’t make sense to us,” says one former advertiser. Look, it was fun while it lasted.


With all of that in mind, I declare this week "National Delete Your MySpace Account Week" and suggest that you all go and delete that old account you don't use anymore, and tell your friends to do the same! I mean, I haven't used mine in years and I don't like my information being listed on a site that I just don't use anymore.

It was kind of nice... I poured a cup of coffee, sat down at my computer and spent some time on the site... I said good-bye in my own way, looked at old messages from friends, declined a bunch of friend requests from strippers and spammers, saved some photos that I didn't want to lose and deleted the sh*t out of my account. So pay your respects, back up your old photos and any other information you don't want to lose, and delete that account!


Except this guy, he should stay on MySpace. But he's the only one.

Let's try to remember the good times, and not dwell on what MySpace looks like now. Share this with your friends and let's all eulogize MySpace in the comments below.

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