The 22 Most Hilariously Blatant Uses Of Product Placement In Movies & TV

I get it. Making movies is tough and expensive, and sometimes even the most dignified filmmakers have to stoop to include product placement just to get their movies made. Like in this scene from Canadian auteur Michael Myers' Wayne's World:


...or this scene from Happy Gilmore:


All kidding aside, real product placement can be just as bad. Perfect example? I, Robot, where Will Smith worships at the altar of his "CONVERSE ALL-STARS! VINTAGE 2004!" shoes, despite the fact that the movie's set in the future:


And it doesn't stop there. Check out all these hilariously glaring product placements:


Nine Apple Devices On Screen At The Same Time, House of Cards

funny product placement house of cards



At Least, Unlike Modern Family's Phil, They Don't Love Apple More Than Their Actual Wives


The Subway Ad On Chuck So Blatant It Literally Paid For The Show


The Magical Walking Dead Hyundai, That Survives The Zombie Apocalypse Unscratched

funny product placement walking dead



Q From Skyfall Will Only Save The World With A Sony Vaio

funny product placement skyfall



Good Thing James Franco Brought His Capital One No Hassle Card In 127 Hours, Otherwise He Might Have Faced A Hassle

funny product placement 127 hours



Megan Fox Got Her Hot Transformers Bod By Eating Exclusively Burger King For 20+ Years

funny product placement transformers


In The Future Of The Island, Xbox Will Make Punching Women Fun



But Punching Robots Is Only Cool At Bing Arena (Real Steel)

funny product placement walking dead



Good Ol' Bing: The Only Search Engine The Cops On Hawaii Five-0 Shoehorn Into Conversations


Put It On A Microsoft Surface And It Can Solve Crimes For Sherlock F*cking Holmes (Elementary)


Tech Advertising Has Come A Long Way From The Wizard's Power Glove :(


The Thomas Crown Affair Was All Aboard The Pepsi One Sinking Ship

funny product placement thomas crown



The Director Of Josie and the Pussycats Swears This Is A Joke, But I Feel A Strange Urge To Do Laundry At Target

funny product placement josie



eHarmony Guarantees You Kristen Wiig's Eternal Love (The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)

funny product placement walter mitty



If You Can Watch This Smallville Acuvue Ad Without Feeling Vomit Creep Up Your Throat, You're Already A Robot And I Can't Save You


This Was Actually Aired As Sex and the City, Not As Part Of An Shareholders Meeting


At Least 30 Rock Was Funny About It


Take It Away, Four-Minute Ronald McDonald Dance Sequence (Mac And Me)


Which one makes your stomach churn the most? Let us know in the comments!


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