MySpace Surrenders to Facebook

MySpace Vs. Facebook! As far as I'm concerned there's no real comparison. It's like putting Justin Bieber in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. Just a bloody mess.

But still there are some hold outs who insist on using MySpace. Usually people with something to sell... bands, comics, adult film stars. I logged into my MySpace account last week for the first time in a year and there was nothing worth my time to even look at there, just a hundred invites from bands to listen to their music, comics inviting me to their shows and adult film stars trying to friend me.

So it's no surprise to hear that MySpace announced a "Mashup with Facebook" that is already in the works. Facebook & Myspace made a joint announcement about the move last week and now everybody in the world can take advantage of it. Have you?

The mashup allows users to connect between their Facebook and MySpace accounts.

According to online bloggers, "MySpace is officially calling it quits on being a social network."

They were pioneers at one point in the game but Facebook has blown them out of the water when it comes to popularity and now MySpace is just going to focus on being an "entertainment site." Sounds good to me.

So now Facebook can do what it does best and MySpace can do whatever it does best... though I personally can't figure out what it is that MySpace does so well... letting bands, comics and adult film stars spam my unmonitored account? Congrats MySpace, you're the best at that.


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