STUDY: Over-Sharing On Facebook As Pleasurable As Sex!?!

It turns out there's a scientific reason that people on Facebook tell us about their morning wood, their bouts with diarrhea and how their mom walked in on them fapping. IT'S SCIENCE! The results of a scientific study (from Harvard no less!) are in and it turns out that over-sharing and boasting on social networking sites is as pleasurable as eating food, receiving money and HAVING SEX.  The girl below must have been sporting an huge O-face after posting this update:

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The study consisted of two parts. For part one, participants were hooked up to MRIs and their brains were scanned as they answered questions about themselves and about other people. The areas of the brain that are associated with reward, were highly stimulated when the participants talked about themselves, not so much when talking about other people. This also proves my scientific theory that people today are pretty much a bunch of  narcissistic assholes. Not you guys. Other people.

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The second part of the study focused on whether or not having an audience mattered when it came to feeling rewarded after talking about yourself. Seriously? We are a bunch of jerkholes, right? Of course it did! I mean what's the point of doing, saying or going anyplace if you can't share it on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare? The reward sensation in participants was less when they were told their thoughts would be kept private. SMH.  Although I'm sure this young lady found out that sometimes the reward sensation is WAY LESS when your parents find out you're over-sharing to an audience.

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Lawrence Winnerman, a 42-year-old project manager from Seattle, says he definitely finds oversharing rewarding. "If I post something on Facebook or say something that I think is going to be really funny and also particularly revealing about myself, I'm looking for a reaction and a laugh," he says. "And I get really disappointed if I don't get one. "  Thanks for ruining my day with sad faces, Lawrence. ALSO...remind me to never again refresh my page to see if I got any 'likes' . Cause I wanna start trying to be a little less pathetic. 

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Lead researcher Diana Tamir, thinks the study helps explain why people over-share even when it's to their own detriment, like criminals boasting about their crimes or kids complaining about their parents. BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. And heaven knows, no one can resist doing anything that feels good. Self-control...PFFFT! The study does not, however, explain why this dude below thought it was a good idea to share this unflattering photo of himself.  Well, maybe it's the only way he experiences the reward of a sexual feeling? I get it. Thank you, science! You've been a big help.

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