People It's Ok To Make Fun Of

In this very politically correct world we live in, one has to take care not to offend anyone, no matter how unintentional or innocent the comment is. It's no way to live, so I have put together a list of people that it is actually safe to make fun of.


The Smurfs

Ok, I get it. They are cute and peaceful but I just don't trust them! They are little and blue and freak me out. Plus, they all share one girlfriend, and they don't wear shirts.  Honestly, Gargamel would not want to kill them without good reason.



I have a hard time believing that a science fiction writer stumbled into the true religion 50 years ago. A religion based around giving the church vast sums of money and aliens. I am still waiting for a Gene Roddenberry-based religion.



Granted, Hobbits are cute and seem good natured but they wear no shoes and probably smell. In my book both traits are rife for ridicule!


Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

It is a proven fact that all Pittsburgh Steelers fans are stinky and may or may not have cooties. Go Packers!


People Who Drive Smart Cars

I have never seen a Smart Car in person until very recently. They look like a guy riding a bike with a camping tent over him. Every time I see one of these cars I tend to think it looks like a Chevy Suburban went poo.



Coupled with an undeserved sense of accomplishment and a healthy dose of patchouli oil I find hipsters to be loathsome creatures.


Everybody That Dates Amy Winehouse

What a train wreck! She is undoubtedly talented but seems to be the Courtney Love for the new millennium.


My Ex-girlfriends

If there was ever a reason to make fun of anyone it would be for dating me and I’m sure they all have made other bad decisions worthy of ridicule as well.



He is the Yoko Ono of the Thunder Cats. While the others are out kicking ass he is back at Thunder-cat headquarters eating Oreos and watching daytime TV.



The worst superhero ever! Ill bet even the other Super-friends made fun of him. “Oh hey, you guys want to fly over to the Arctic to see my fortress of Solitude? Oh sorry, I forgot Aquaman cant fly.”

Who else is it safe to make fun of? Let us know in the comments below.


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