PILFs: Princesses I'd Like To...

People seem to have PILF fever with the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and soon-to-be PILF Kate.

What's a PILF? Well a PILF is a princess that you might want to... friend on Facebook! Or something like that. Some princesses are just plain sexy.

Whether they are real life princesses, cartoon princesses, or movies princesses... there are a lot of princesses that are royally hot. Let's pay tribute to some of our favorite PILF's!


Snow White

Her reputation isn’t so pure after shacking up with the seven dwarves, but she’s still more Snow White than Ho White! The fairest of us all has still got it going on! An added plus… every guy in her future will measure up very well when compared with dwarves.


Xena Warrior Princess

If you want to make a nerd faint on the spot, go to Comic Con and tell him Xena and Gabrielle are waiting for him in his hotel room and the safe word is “whip.”


Princess Fiona

She can kick your butt and out fart you any day of the week. She’s rude and crude and kind of like a dude… but with boobies.


The Princess Diaries: Princess Mia

Anne Hathaway is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and certainly a Princess that most dudes would like to get to know better.



She may be a princess now, but you just know Cinderella still likes to get down and dirty! Guys like a hot chick who loves doing their laundry. This is why French Maid is still the most popular slutty Halloween costume.


Princess Zelda

Zelda is so beautiful that Ganon finds satisfaction in just staring at her sleeping body. A really, really creepy kind of satisfaction. And haven’t you ever wondered why Link keeps trying so hard to save Zelda? I mean there’s gotta be tons of hot elfin babes in Hyrule. That’s because Zelda does a trick she calls the Triforce. Did I mention it’s performed with Samus Aran? Yowza!


Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly

This sexy movie star grew up to marry a real life prince, making her a real life PILF... just like Kate! (Note: you will need a time machine)


The Little Mermaid

Princess Ariel loves to show off her stuff, so feign a little interest and it’s pretty easy to reel her in. The best part is you can just throw her back in the ocean when you grow tired of looking at her treasure chest.


Princess Charlotte of Monaco

Monaco continues to have hottie princesses to this day... check out Princess Grace's grandaughter Charlotte! Makin' royalty sexy for 3 generations and continuing!


Princess Jasmine

I could make lots of jokes about magic hands and carpet rides and rubbing lamps… but look at her! She’s smoking hot! Especially when a pervy artist enhances her crown jewels.


Sleeping Beauty

After Princess Aurora gets pricked she falls asleep. That’s literally what happens in the story… I’m just saying! This is a definite plus… cause after a little hanky panky guys always prefer sleeping over talking about their feelings.


Princess Peach

Peach might seem like a stereotypical princess, stuck up and flakey, but she’s definitely not going for the stereotypical Prince Charming, so any guy has a chance! This girl loves a little blue collar nookie! It must run in the family because her hot sister, Princess Daisy, is also a big fan of letting Mario clean her pipes.


Princess Leia

Looking super hot in a slave girl bikini really lessons the stigma of being Jabba the Hut’s sloppy seconds. They don’t call her hot buns because of her hairstyle!

Who’s your favorite PILF? Who would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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