10 Real Names Of Famous Rappers

If there's one thing I know about being a rapper, it's that you need a kickass stage name. Your birth name is very rarely hardcore enough. I don't know what's up with Lil Wayne...that's neither kick ass nor hardcore. But who can explain anything about Lil Wayne? He's an enigma, inside a mystery, wrapped in a massive grill or something like that. Here's 10 real names of some of the world's most famous rappers. Word!


Macklemore-Ben Haggerty

rappers real names macklemore


I'm not sure if Macklemore is necessarily more hardcore than Ben Haggerty, but it's definitely more memorable. Macklemore says he got the name Professor Macklemore for the goofy plaid thrift store suits he used to sport. He dropped the professor but I guess he'll never drop poppin' tags.


2 Chainz--Tauheed Epps

rappers real names 2 chainz


2 Chainz is actually Tauheed's second stage name. His first one was Tity Boi. Which is weird because I always thought 2 Chainz was a big booty hole man.


Gucci Mane-- Radrick Davis

rappers real names


You may know where the Gucci came from, but did you know that the Mane is supposed to be man pronounced with a Southern twang? I guess when he's not allegedly murdering people, he's busy murdering the English language. Also was his nickname Rad? Because that's...well rad.


Akon-- Aliuane Badara AkonThiam

rappers real names akon


Akon made a good decision by cutting his name down. If only his good decision making extended to not simulating sex acts on minors. Then we'd be getting somwhere.


Ne-Yo-- Shaffer Chimere Smith

rappers real names ne yo


Hey, you gotta jazz up Smith somehow! Ne-Yo's original stage name was GoGo which I guess was considered stupid at some point for obvious reasons. Ne-Yo was actually given to Shaffer by producer Big D Evans who claimed Ne-Yo saw music the way Neo saw the Matrix. Whoa.


Flo Rida--Tramar Dillard

rappers real names


Why anyone would take a version of Florida as their name is beyond me. Just thinking about Florida makes me shake my head uncontrollably.


Ice Cube-- O'Shea Jackson

rappers real names ice cube


Seriously? This is the best friggin name ever! How he didn't star in Leprechun in the Hood I'll never know.



Lupe Fiasco--Wasalu Muhammed Jaco

rappers real names lupe fiasco


I mean Wasalu Jaco is cool and all...but who doesn't want their name to be Lupe Fiasco!? Nevermind  O'Shea Jackson...THIS is the best name ever. If I came up with that name, I would feel a sense of accomplishment for the rest of my life.


Pitbull--Armando Chirstian Perez

rappers real names pitbull


I guess his name is appropriate considering the fact that much like the dog of the same name, Pitbull the rapper is unjustifiably hated on. Well, according to all the dog rescue people I'm friends with. I live in a cat only zone so I wouldn't know.


Tupac Shakur-- Lesane Parish Crooks

rappers real names tupac


It wasn't until after his death, that Tupac's birth name was revealed. I guess it was hard to be shocked by that news after hearing that Tupac was dead. On a side note...Am I the only one who thinks Lesan Parish Crooks sounds like a rejected Harry Potter character name?

Do you know any other surprising real rapper's names? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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