Reasons I Might Be Tron

Hear me out.

There are some eerie similarities between me and the lead in the movie Tron.

I am old enough to recall the original movie Tron, it starred Jeff Bridges before he was the Dude, and before he abided. The original is about a computer programmer that is digitally broken down and enters a CPU. He has to fight for his life against the evil Master Control Program. He is aided by a good warrior program called Tron.

With that said, let me explain why I believe I am Tron, or at least Tron-like.


1. Tron Was My Old AOL Screen Name

Before Facebook Myspace and Youtube there was really only 1 or 2 social outlets online. AOL chat was one of them


2. I Am Convinced My Friend Is A Program

I swear that my buddy Mike is a program. He follows the same schedule every day and never varies from it. Awakes, sleeps and eats at the same time every day. Maybe he is just a robot.


3. I Like To Wear Stretchy Pants

Not like every day but still, if this suit was just laying around your house you can't tell me that you wouldn't wear it.


4. I Play Video Games To The Death, Almost

When my buddies and I play a death match, the winner gets to punch the looser as hard as he wants. I have lost often, and have the bruises to attest to that.


5. I Have A "Light-cycle”

Ok, so maybe it is not a futuristic motorcycle that lives only in the binary word. Maybe it looks more like an old mountain bike that I bought at a yard sale and taped 3 dozen glow sticks to.

The new Tron comes out shortly and I recommend you see the old one first, it is pretty awesome.


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