10 Reasons I Want To See The Muppets Movie

Muppets! Can’t live with ‘em. Could probably live without ‘em. Their new movie is coming out later this year, and I actually kind of want to see it. Here's why:


1. This Poster


It’s pretty self-explanatory. I cherish this poster.


2. I’m Afraid Of Them


Just look at them. I’m pretty sure that if I don’t see this movie, Kermit will either kill me or haunt my nightmares.


3. Nostalgia


I’m pretty sure I used to watch the Muppets as a little kid. Actually, no, I didn’t. Whatever, I still want to see it.


4. They’re Furry


Furry! Soft! Adorable! And in the real world! Oh wait—this is starting to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks... and Garfield... and Zookeeper.


5. This Guy


How could you refuse this face?


6. They’re Very Progressive


I mean, look at the transvestite! What other show has a transvestite! (Oh wait. The pig is not a transvestite... I meant the vampire... a Transylvanian.)


7. It Ain’t Easy Being Green


He tells it like it is! I’ve been green for eighty-four years now, and it really ain’t easy.


8. Sesame Street


Muppets are from that show that always makes me hungry... mmmm... sesame street bagel.


9. I Can Really Relate


Back in the ‘20s, I too was a cookie monster, so I can really relate to him.


10. Elmo Won’t Be In It


That guy is unreal. Who can get tickled as much as he is and not be bothered?

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