Rejected Mega Man Weapon Arms

Right around the 8th or 9th Mega Man game the creators started getting desperate. They'd basically run the gambit of potential cool weapons for mega man to have on the end of his arm. While each Mega Man game since then has continued to have rad weapons for Mega Man's arm the ideas that they had for the arms started becoming a bit more... desperate. Such as:


The Arm That Shoots Hands That Give You The Finger

Ultimately Capcom decided this arm was, "Sufficiently snarky, but otherwise ineffective."


Love Notes Arm

The idea was for Mega Man to have a cannon that fired notes on red paper that read, "I have always loved you, meet me by Dr. Wily's cafeteria at noon tomorrow," in the hopes that the notes would distract the boss in time for Mega Man to deal the crushing blow. 


Rotweiler Arm

An arm cannon that fires rotweilers certainly seems effective enough, but then PETA got all mouthy and complained, leaving what would have been a perfectly rad weapon on the cutting room floor. Thanks alot, PETA.


Derpy Arm

Distracting, but not a whole lot of killing power.


Nuclear Arm

This one got the closest to being in an actual Mega Man game, but the United Nations stepped in and said it wouldn't be a good idea to teach kids to want to become a full scale nuclear power by strapping a warhead to their arm.


An Arm That Fires Other Mega Men Who Have Arms That Fire Other Mega Men

Wayyyy too confusing.


An Arm That Fires Unfavorable Divorce Settlements

Saddling enemy Bosses with years of crushing debt and the inability to see their children was a great long term way to kill them slowly by destroying them financially, but it was concluded that Mega Man, in general, needs faster acting weapons than that.


What other arms would you like to see in Mega Man games? Let us know in the comments!


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