Rejected Robots For Megaman To Battle

Megaman's battled pretty much every iteration of robot you could hope to come across. Robots that shoot clouds, and snakes, and blades, and fire, and other robots, and on and on. But there are many robots that almost made it into Megaman games, but didn't quite make the cut for one reason or another. 


Angry Boyfriend Man


He's mad whether you've done the dishes or not! He gets pissed if you talk too much, or not enough! Being around him makes you hate yourself, but oh man, what a kisser!


Yuppie A-Hole Man


He was born with money, and he doesn't even know how to ski, he just had his feet built as skis to impress the ladies. Programmers thought he was a-hole enough to be a villain, but were worried that while Megaman was busy trying to get to him he'd be off at some nightclub telling chicks his Dad owns Coca-Cola.


Gambling Problem Man


By the time Mega Man would get to the end of Gambling Problem man's level he would be in a corner, soaked in his own gin-smelling urine and leaving long frantic messages on his wife's answering machine that he swears this time he's changed, he's really changed.


"Like You Really Care" Man


This robot didn't have any special powers for Mega Man to acquire, he just tagged along being super needy and saying things about himself that always ended with the phrase, "Yeah, like you really care anyways."


Poorly Drawn Arrow Shooting Man


This robot was so poorly conceived and executed  that he had a blaster that only shot a single arrow. After that he was out of ammo. And the spike on his head that looks like it could potentially be a secondary weapon was actually made of felt. Also his parents just got divorced, so he was in the grieving process and constantly distracted while fighting.


The T-1000


The T-1000 was just too tough for Mega Man. Every time Mega Man would go up against him he would just transform to look like a coffee machine and then wait for Mega Man to want coffee and then BLAM no more Mega Man.


The Roomba


You'd think that the Roomba would have been rejected because it was too much of a wuss, but actually it turns out that the Roomba has a secret arsenal including traditional small arms, nuclear bullets, a cannon that fires live jackals, and a kitten in a boot to lull you into a false sense of security that it unleashes when it is threatened, rendering it virtually indestructible.

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