Rich Kid Vs. Poor Kid: How To Have Fun On A Friday Night

In our new series Rich Kid vs. Poor Kid, each week we will ask our resident rich kid and poor kid their opinions on various subjects and match them up.


Reginald Turwillington III, our resident rich kid, is heir to the Turwillington diamond mine fortune. His hobbies include flying around the world in his private jet drinking apple juice culled from rare apples personally hand grown by Kate Winslet and only sold to the very wealthy.

Mucky Dunlap, our resident poor kid, was born in the back of a garbage truck. His hobbies include eating, and getting chased by stray dogs.


This week we asked Reginald and Mucky a bunch of questions about how to have fun on a friday night!


Q: Where Should We Go To Have Fun?

Reginald: SKIN, The Hottest Nightclub In Town

Skin is tough to get in to but it's worth it. The DJ is world famous and the ladies really know how to party. I high recommend it.


Q: Where Should We Go To Have Fun?

Mucky: The Abandoned Oldsmobile Out By The Quarry

It's kind of warm in there if it's cold. But don't fall asleep in there cuz the rats are bigger than you'd think!


Q: What's Your Favorite Hot Spot To Eat At?

Reginald: V-Glory

V-Glory is an Asian/Mexican/Greek/American Fusion Vegan Bistro that serves you your food in spandex chalices that have pictures of celebrities crying stencilled onto them. It's very hip.


Q: What's Your Favorite Hot Spot To Eat At?

Mucky: The Salsa Bar At the Taco Place Near The Quarry

You can eat all the salsa you want until they kick you out.


Q: Who Do You Like To Hang Out With On A Friday Night?

Reginald: Donald Trump

The Donald know where to have fun, and who to have fun with. One time the Donald took me to a secret party at the top of the Hotel Marmot in Los Angeles where myself, Donald, The Dalai Llama, and Matthew McConaughey all got to sit in a hot tub full of champagne and determine what happened to the stock market the next day.


Q: Who Do You Like To Hang Out With On A Friday Night?

Mucky: Vultures

It's not so much that I like to hang out with them, it's that lately wherever I go they're circling me.


Q: What Should We Wear?

Reginald: Prada Cat Suit

For the gentlemen a cream colored tuxedo by Frenel is ideal. For the ladies I would recommend a skin tight fiberglass cat suit and a giant ball of yarn that you have to pull behind you. Katy Perry popularized it and now anyone who's anyone is going out in it.


Q: What Should We Wear?

Mucky: A wet paper bag

That was all I could find. But someone left part of a burrito in it so it's not all bad news!


What other rich kid/ poor kid tips do you have for having a Great Friday Night? Let us know in the comments!


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