Roles Robert Pattinson Was Up For Before He Got Twilight

Robert Pattinson has made a name for himself playing a smoky hot vampire with your great grandparent's sexual values. Sure he got his big break, and now he's a millionaire who could pay to have you killed and get away with it, but before Twilight he was a struggling actor just like so many others. So what were some roles he was trying to land before he got the part of Edward Cullen?


Guy In A Chicken Suit


Down on his luck and struggling, Robert Pattison auditioned for the role of guy in a chicken suit who distracts protestors so police can tear gas them.


Man # 3


Needing money to pay for hairspray for when he went on auditions, Robert took a low profile gig being "Guy that is eating soup" in a movie that never got released in theaters about rapping robots who enter a beatboxing competition and learn the true meaning of friendship.


Sad Guy Watching Two People Have Sex


For 30 bucks, which allowed Robert to eat for several weeks, he got the part of "Jake," the husband who has to watch his wife having sex with their babysitter in a direct-to-internet porno called "Sad Jake Hates It When His Wife Has Sex With Other People."


Dead Guy In Grand Theft Auto


Because dead guys don't talk, and it's a video game, all Robert was required to do was make passing gas and juicy burping noises to simulate the sound of a corpse decomposing.


Counter Guy At His Dad's Fast Food Restaurant


When the sh*t was really hitting the fan his Dad paid hiim 8.75 an hour for the role of taking orders at his Dad's fast food restaurant. Sometimes he also got to try to scare the raccoons away from the dumpsters. Often they were unafraid of him, and he would come home at night covered in raccoon bites. He was rabid for three weeks in 2006.


Mother Cuttlebottom, The Goblin Queen


For a long time the biggest thing on his resume was the role of Mother Cuttlebottom, The Goblin Queen in a low-budget student film. In the film Mother Cuttlebottom had been dethroned and sent to the human world to learn how to be scary again. He had to wear a skin tight female Goblin costume for several weeks, which was extraordinary hot and itchy, causing him to have panic attacks. To this day if someone says "Mother Cuttlebottom" around him he feels dizzy.


Pumpkin Skream


His first big break came when he bagged the role of "Pumpkin Skream" in the horror movie "Pumpkin Skream 3: Pumpkin Slays Hawaii!" The movie had so little money to work with that they couldn't afford special effects for his costume, so every take they had to actually light his head on fire. Which is why the hair he has in Twilight is a wig. 


What other roles did Robert Pattinson have before he landed Twilight? Let us know in the comments!


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