Scariest Little Girls In Japanese Horror Movies

Nothing is scarier than a little girl. You would think there were things scarier than little girls. Bears, ghosts, Bank of Amercica. But no, nothing matches the terror of waking up in the middle of the night, looking out your window, and seeing a little girl slowly swinging on a swing hanging from your tree, who then looks up, and points at you. Why is she doing that? Because she's a f*cking scary ass little girl, that's why. Japanese horror have embraced how scary little girls are, and given us some great scary little girls. Here are the scariest.




She lives in a well and has long hair. Those things don't sound like too big a deal. Until you add that fact that wants to kill everyone who watches a videotape of her just because she's totally pissed off at her parents or horses or a volcano or something. And her method of killing you? Scaring you until your face, no joke, breaks.


Ju-On: The Grudge 2


This ghost chick was already scary in the original Grudge, seeing as how she could pass the curse of horrible death by basically the same way people get a common cold. All you had to do was hang out with someone who hung with someone who hung out in the house where she was killed and then you would die. But then it turned out that if you were pregnant and came in contact with the curse you could become pregnant with the ghost. Getting pregnant with ghosts is the worst, because when you're pregnant with ghosts you're not allowed to ride ghost rollercoasters or drink ghost alcohol.


Splatter: Naked Blood


The young girl in this J-horror movie is scary because a chemical introduced to her by a scientist causes her to be so hungry that she actually eats herself, in one of the most upsetting moments in cinema history. Do yourself a favor, and every time you think about watching this movie, just go for a nice walk on the beach instead.




Even little girl ghosts that were your friend are scary as all get out when they come back in J-Horror. "Hey, remember me, we went to elementary school together. Why are you so upset? Oh, my bad, I forgot I shouldn't wake up in the middle of the night by appearing at the edge of your bed, and also that I'm terrifying."




In Reincarnation the little girl ghost (and little boy ghost) are apparently capable of haunting you for deeds that you committed in a past life. So even if you've been a great guy for 30 of your past lives and you're a great guy now, just because you killed little girls 32 past lives ago the little girl ghosts will haunt you forever until you are driven insane. In other words: that's straight up sh*tty.



What other little girls are scary? Let us know in the comments!


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