Shoes That Freak Me Out

I have an issue with most shoes.

While I don't like the fact that they cover up people’s feet (which I have an even bigger phobia about), there are few shoes that freak me out even worse than the feet they are supposed to cover.


The Z-Coil

As much as I like the idea of people being partial robots I cannot get over the look of this shoe. Every time I see someone wearing these I keep waiting for them to jump really high in the air.


The Really High Heel

As much as I enjoy seeing a well put together woman in a very nice heel, when I see someone in the super high heel I can’t help but think that the shoes make walking uncomfortable and feel ashamed that my gender has made women believe that they have to be uncomfortable to be sexy. Then I get a chubby and the shame starts all over again.


The Sandal

What do I hate more than bare feet? Shoes that make your 80% barefoot seem socially acceptable. Do or do not, there is no try.


The Five Toe Shoe

I was getting my oil changed in my car the other day and the other gentleman waiting in the lobby of the garage with me had a pair of these on. It took all of my strength not to scream “Bigfoot” at the top of my lungs and club them over the head.


Sandals With Socks

I know this is not really a new shoe category but it’s worthy of a mention as it rates a 7.20 my freaking out scale. While I do appreciate the fact that the whole foot is covered the idea that I can see your toes wiggle and struggle in their tube sock jail cell freaks my freak.


Off-road socks

Again not necessarily a shoe but still in the freaky footwear category. I must admit that I own a few pair of these and find them to be delightful but I do not wear them in public and force people to look at my hosiery.

Am I the only one with a foot issue? Let me know in the comments!


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