SHOWDOWN: Who Would Win In A Battle? Ninjas Or Zombies?

Life is about hard decisions and I don't like those kind of decisions. They make me itchy. Joining the list of epic choices, is this week's SHOWDOWN. Who would win in a battle? Ninjas or Zombies? Of course the winner of this epic battle could be revealed next Friday, with the premiere of Zombies VS.Ninjas on Smosh's new YouTube channel ShutUpCartoons! But I need to know what you think NOW! The only think I know for sure is that if I was in the middle of this battle I would literally lose my sh*t.  And it wouldn't be pretty. 


rebecca black


Ninjas are some sneaky mofos! They will assassin a fool before that fool even knows that a Katana just sliced him in gut and he's actually holding his slippery insides in his hands. Some say they may even  have supernatural powers like invisibility and shape-shifting. I believe it! I've seen ninjas that could turn into turtles. Mutant turtles. So it must be TOTALLY TRUE.



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Zombies are friggin' frightening. I couldn't even play Resident Evil because I was always running away from them, so far that the graphics would actually end. Plus they're like undead and sh*t. And you have to like kill them in the head. Have Ninjas watched The Walking Dead? Do they know this? They probably don't even watch TV. They're too busy practicing Ninjutsu. Finally! My couch potato practice will pay off! 

So who will it be? Zombies or Ninjas? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!


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