SHOWDOWN: Who's The Worse Father: Darth Vader Or Homer Simpson?

Whatever you might think of your Pop, you have to admit he's a million times superior than these two guys.  Or maybe he's not...if that's the case I hope you are getting some seriously top notch therapy, 'cause these daddies are REAL baddies! But who is worse?  Time to decide!


Homer Simpson

homer simpson


Technically Homer does love his children...he just doesn't know anything about them or really seem interested in finding out. I mean perhaps you can say he's a role model in the sense that he is showing his kids exactly how NOT to act in life. Then there's the strangling thing.  I got hit with a fly swatter once and considered that the height of child abuse, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be down with attempted murder. Plus he often lounges in saggy, tighty-whities. DO NOT WANT.


Darth Vader

darth vader father


Speaking of strangling, Daddy Darth will literally squeeze the life out of you. And not in that 'you're so adorable I could just squeeze you' kind of way. Plus he'll cut your hand off before dropping the bomb that he's your daddy. Pretty sure that isn't the most sensitive way to reveal such upsetting news. If you're into being evil, however, those would definitely be the raddest loins to spring from. WANT? OR DO NOT WANT? Hmmm....

So who is the absolute WORST father? Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!

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