Taylor Lautner: The Next Tom Cruise

Taylor Lautner is concerned about his career. He doesn’t want to be typecast as a shirtless wolfboy for the rest of his life.

Those are his acting abs

Since most people think he’s as bad an actor as Kristen Stewart, it’s probably smart of him to think who might hire him once the whole Twilight thing is thankfully over. Not so many movies feature pubescent werewolves.

But there’s hope for Taylor! According to online sources, Taylor Lautner should copy Tom Cruise’s career moves.

John Singleton, Taylor’s director in his upcoming post-Twilight movie Abduction (no, it's not about abs), advised Lautner to follow Tom Cruise’s professional path to greatness. He recommended Taylor should watch Tom’s development as an actor by studying his evolution over three roles:

Top Gun


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