Teen's 'LOL' Facebook Status Lands Her In Jail After DUI!

On July 20th, 18 year old Paula Asher drank a little bit, drove a little bit, and hit a car carrying four other people a little bit. It was a stupid and reckless mistake, so of course Asher was humbled and apologetic about it. Right? Well, her Facebook status the next day didn't quite reflect that sentiment: "My dumbass got a DUI and I hit a car LOL". But she couldn't actually have meant that she was laughing at the victims of her drunk driving, could she? Maybe she was just saying she's going to watch that Miley Cyrus direct-to-DVD movie "LOL"?

miley cyrus lol
I'm not actually sure which meaning would be worse.

As you can imagine, the parents of the people in the other car weren't super stoked to see that INCREDIBLY PUBLIC post flippantly mocking their injured children. So they contacted the local judge and filled him in.

farmville requests
"Also, your honor, she keeps sending us Farmville requests."

Appearing in court, Asher was ordered by the judge to delete her Facebook. She didn't do so, and so the judge found her in contempt of court, and soon Asher found herself in jail for 48 hours.

prison food vs. school food
Although, today I learned from Reddit that prison food
is better for us than cafeteria food. So there's that.


Listen, I'm no legal scholar, but is it okay for a judge to order you to delete your Facebook? I mean, Facebook is ultimately a tool, not a problem in and of itself. Asher used it to be a rotten human being, and THAT'S what she should be punished for. It would have been jsut as easy for her to use Facebook for good, writing a sincere apology and putting a link to a charity to help those affected by drunk drivers. It's not her Facebook that needs to be deleted, it's her flippant, cavalier attitude.

facebook deactivation personality
If only, Facebook. If only.

What do you think? Was Paula Asher given a fair sentance? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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