Things I Hope Bella Gives Birth To In The Next Twilight

Edward went and filled Bella up with his undead 100 year old vampire seed. Boy that must have been cold inside her hoohaa! I'm sure all you ladies are totally envious of her, that she got to have a living corpse ejaculate dead sperm into her body, I know I would be! But what's she going to give birth to? Those who've read the book know, but for those who haven't, here are some things I hope that we get to see her give birth to:


A Flock Of Doves

That would be entrancing!


A Fully Grown Homer Simpson



The Kids From 19 Kids And Counting

Better to have Bella give birth to all of them at once than to subect that dickhead Bob Duggar's poor wife to being essentially, a vat for his children for the entirety of her adult life.


Star Wars Monopoly

That way her and Edward can play Star Wars Monopoly! Instead of St. Charles Ave. it's Endor! How cool is that!


A Bucket Of Scrimps

Who doesn't love eating shrimp. If I was a woman I'd want to give birth to a bucket of shrimp once a week, that way I could always eat shrimp, plus you can keep the bucket and do whatever you want with it!


Another Pregnant Bella Swan

i bet Bella and Eddie would sure be surprised if Bella gave birth to a fully grown version of herself all ready to give birth to ANOTHER pregnant bella, and so on!


A Baby That's Not The Race Of Either Jacob Or Edward

Wait a minute Bella, who the heck-a-doodle have you been with?!


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