Things I Would Do With Katy Perry If She Hung Out With Me

Katy Perry doesn't have a man anymore and I hate seeing her like this. I want that frown turned upside down, and I know that if I was able to get past her many body guards, her electrified fence, and the german shepards that have been trained to detain intruders that roam the grounds of her palatial estate, that she and I would have a great time. I mean, I just know it! I mean, look at all these neat things I would do with her if I got to hang out with her:


Hold Her Hand


It's just nice to have another person's warm hand on your own. It helps you feel like you're connected to the world. And it's a great way to show someone you're there for them.


Go Cosmic Bowling


Bowling? At night? With glow in the dark balls? While outdated trance music plays? Katy and I are going to have a blast.


Read Her A Few Of The Poems I Wrote For Her


I wrote them before I met her... God she makes me feel so much...  I think they convey the emotions I was trying to get across.


Show Her All The Pictures I Draw Of Her When I Get My Headaches


It's how I see her in my brain!


Scream At Her My Theories About What Really Happened To JFK While Itching And Itching The Same Spot On My Forehead


If anyone would want to know what really happened that day in Dallas I know it's my beloved Katy Perry, especially given that I had a feverish dream that it was our destiny to be together.


Show Her My Place


I think she'll like it I got new curtains.


Watch Downton Abbey


Ugghhhhh! I hope she's just as excited for the Season Finale as I am!


What kind of stuff do you want to do with Katy Perry? Let us know in the comments!


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