Things You Should Never, Ever Tweet

Twittering a great tweet isn't easy. You only get 140 characters, and with all the hashtags and @'s and everything it can feel like even less. But there certain things you simply shouldn't tweet. Here are a few of the worst:


Rickinator: @Wife hey can you pick up son from school? 2 drunk 2 drive. Thx! #Ioweyou1


KevKev: Turns out I have chlamdyia. Srry! @Kelly @Jackie @Rachel @Meghan @Rita @Hillary @Lisa @OtherRachel

Mubarak182: J/k! My fellow Egyptians I M Not Going 2 Step down. LOL U got Pwned!


GothGurrl21: Hey every1 my address is 21 S. Pico Blvd. My door's unlocked. I <3 meeting new people! Stop by & say hello!


JeremyzzX: @Jillian Hey did you think my mouth was too wet when we kissed? I worry my mouth gets too wet. #ifsomybad


God: @EveryoneonEarth Hey it's God, just wanted to apologize for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Really screwed the pooch on that 1, I'll make it up to you, have it rain ice cream for a month #seriouslyIfeelterrible


What other things should people never tweet? Let us know in the comments!


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