The Top 10 Sexiest Superhero Dudes

It’s not a tough job having to judge a category whose members are known for their ripped abs and perfectly structured pecks. Whether or not you agree with what I dish out, there’s one thing that’s undeniable: if average men took on just half the physical beauty as some of these supernatural studs, I think world peace would have a greater chance at becoming a reality.


10. Cyclops - X-Men

Cyclops has the poise and gentlemanly air of a man about town, but he’s definitely not a man of leisure. Something tells me his laser beam superpower would come in handy for opening up troublesome pickle jars, you know, in addition to vanquishing foes as need be.


9. Ghost Rider - Marvel Comics

Everyone loves a bad boy, and Ghost Rider is the biggest and the baddest. Think about it, why do we date bad boys? To intimidate our jealous friends and ex-boyfriends. What’s so great about Ghost Rider? He has a skull for a face engulfed in flames that will inevitably intimidate our jealous friends and ex-boyfriends. Case closed.


8. Flash - DC Comics

Tell me this is a scenario you’d gladly participate in, “Hey Flash, sweetheart - did you remember to get the ice cream on the way home?” Suddenly there’s a flash of light and before you know it you’re holding a bowl of Rocky Road. I mean, that kind of stuff would happen all the time - so just think it over.


7. Kick-Ass - Marvel Comics

The fact that Kick-Ass is a self made superhero; the fact that he voluntarily chooses to save damsels in distress and vanquish villains is undeniably attractive. The fact that he has teenage hormones that make his emotions go to the highest highs and the lowest lows is not, which is why he’s firmly placed at number 7.


6. Green Lantern - DC Comics

I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no idea what the Green Lantern does. Something with lantern's, probably. But he has massive abs, and I think of Ryan Reynolds whenever I hear the superhero’s name - so he’s easily one of the sexiest superheroes I can think of.


5. Scott Pilgrim - Bryan Lee O’Malley

Not only does Scott contain that early twenties swagger, but he’s just as much rock star as he is superhero star. He’s not too timid to throw your evil ex-boyfriend to the ground in a superhero battle, and then he’ll probably right a rockin’ garage rock song about it. So it’s a win-win.


4. Thor - Marvel Comics

Thor is so built, so ripped, so full of unadulterated adrenaline and unchecked aggression that he makes Captain America look like Miss America. Plus, he speaks like a Shakespearian actor, and he can give hair care tips. Need I say more?


3. Wolverine - Marvel Comics

Not only does Wolverine contain a pretty original set of superpowers (I’d like to see Captain Planet wield something more awesome than bone claws) but he’s got facial hair that could rival the best scruffed up celebs in Hollywood.


2. Daredevil - Marvel Comics

Daredevil is not only a man of the street (he grew up in Hell’s Kitchen in New York), not only was his dad a boxer (making him bad-ass by genetics) but he cloaks himself in a color that can only be described as the color of passion (red, you get it). I’d let him protect me while taking a stroll around the city any day. As a bonus, he's blind, so he could probably get good parking spots.


1. Spiderman - Marvel Comics

Forget what you heard about the watered-down Spidermans: The Broadway show, the theme park rides, the cartoons that lack that certain something. Just think of a mash-up of Tobey Macguire meets Andrew Garfield, and all Spidey blunders are forgiven.

Who would you rank as the sexiest superhero? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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