Transitioning From Best Friends To Make Out Friends

It's happened to every one of us. You realize your best friend is the one, the only one for you, and you have to make a move. But you don't want to just say that you like them, right? That could ruin the friendship! So here's a middle ground: Make-out friends. Here are some ways to get there.


Convince Them it's the Apocalypse


If she believes the world is ending, she'll probably want to see what making out with you is like. After the initial make-out, though, you have two choices. Either be caught in your lie when the world doesn't end, or actively try to bring about the apocalypse. Most super villains were created by trying to become make-out friends.


The Ole' Frog Prince Gambit


Run up with a frog and tell her that this used to be a prince and that if you and her don't kiss immediately, he'll be stuck as a frog forever! She might bring up that, according to the classic story, she's supposed to kiss the frog. But don't let her kiss the frog! Tell her the wizard said this time you were the one who had to be kissed. Kiss her before she points out that that story is incredibly convoluted.


Get Some Mistletoe


Have a piece of mistletoe around. If she says mistletoe only works at Christmas time, you can say "But it IS Christmas time. Oh my. And we thought your memory had finally recovered since the accident."


Rob A Bank Together


Once you've robbed a bank with your best friend of the opposite gender, you two become bonded in adrenaline. Anything dangerous you two do together will be god damn exciting and you'll both be craving that rush. And while putting your friendship in jeopardy by making out is a different kind of danger, it might be enough to keep your adrenaline-addicted self from spending the stolen 18 grand on lottery tickets.


Share A Giant Box Of Tacos With Them


Your potential make out friend might be so grateful for the tacos that they make out with you right then and there. Or they might not. Either way, you've got some tacos so I'd say it's worth a try.


Do Boring Things Together


The more bored people are, the more likely they are o turn to whoever's next to them and start making out. So start accompanying your friend to the DMV, the bank, maybe even rent that one really boring Brad Pitt movie. No, not Legends of the Fall. Or Meet Joe Black. It's not Benjamin Button either. Brad Pitt should really look into taking on some more interesting roles.


Ask Her To Do lt


"Hey, want to make out?" "Yeah."


How did you and your make out friend make the switch? Let us know in the comments!


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