Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Gets Release Date!

Hey everybody, let's syncronize our watches because Summit Entertainment has announced the final release date for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2...



These will be the final episodes in the Twilight series...



Oh, be strong Twi-hard fan. It's not over just yet. There's plenty of Twilighting to come.

When Summit revealed that Breaking Dawn would be broken into two films instead of one... they set the first film's release date set for November 18, 2011.



Fans started salavating... and creating amazing works fan art!



And they originally said that Breaking Dawn, Part 2 would probably come out the following summer... which makes no sense since Vampires hate the sun.


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But as it turns out they are going to make diehard Twilight lovers wait even longer! That's just cruel!



I will, but it's important to know that there's still a thing or two up in the air. Like the MPAA rating, and the big question... will the next Twilight film be available in 3-D?



Filmmakers haven't decided yet. I think they're just messin' with the heads of their Twi-Noodle fans.

I could personally care less if the movie is in 3-D or not. Many Twilight fans really want the next two films to be available in 3-D, I guess they think it would be cool.

About as cool as knowing the final release date?



There you go. They are making you wait a whole year between movies!

Can you believe they're making you wait a whole year!? What will you do!? How will you live?!


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