UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Loves Pokémon, Would Put Dragonair in an Arm Bar (If That Was a Thing)

Current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was on SportsNation talking not about her recent win over Alexa Davis and not about her training regimen and not about her upcoming role in The Expendables 3, but instead ... Pokémon. It turns out the terrifyingly tough Ronda Rousey is an avid Pokémon trainer, and had a lot to say about some weak-sauce tactics used by one of the Elite Four.

But strong people don't LIKE cute things, I thought? That's what makes them strong in the first place! Hate!

Since we mainly think of Ronda Rousey through the UFC, it's easy to forget that she's not just a fighter. She has a favorite candy and TV shows she never misses and a mother who loves her. In other words, Ronda Rousey is still a person. Granted, the kind of person who can do this to another person —

rousey pokemon finishes

— but a person none the less. Just to prove that being a UFC fighter doesn't have to make a person scary all of the time, here's a .GIF from the finish of another Rousey fight. Yes, she does nearly break the arm of a world-class competitor, but she also wears a mouth guard that makes it look like she has no teeth. After the tap-out, Rousey rolls around on her back and smiles and looks like a goofy baby.

rousey pokemon baby
Please never ever tell Ronda Rousey I said she looked like a baby.

In fact, everyone, clear your browser histories right now in case Ronda Rousey is ever looking at your computer.


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